Major domain areas in the programme

Electronics is in itself an exciting, rapidly developing professional area, which requires
technicians capable of applying fundamental concepts to repair, manufacture, and calibrate
modern electronic equipments. It has revolutionized the world. While the basic concepts of
electronics will always remain the same, the applications of the concepts change from day to
day. A variety of opportunities are emerging in the area of electronics day after day. Instruction
in this programme is designed to prepare students to work with and maintain state-of-the – art
electronic equipments with the most advanced features. We teach the fundamental concepts
which will have lasting relevance throughout the new millennium. State-of-the-art facilities are
provided to cater to the laboratory requirements of the students.

Future prospects

High growth rate of communication sector shows vast and innovative opportunities for
electronics and communication engineering professionals. The trend towards the embedded
systems adds much to the prospects in this branch. They have a wide variety of choice in higher
studies – electrical, computer science, information technology, electronics and communication