Major domain areas in the programme

Biomedical Engineers integrate learning with medicine and nature to solve health
related problems and enhance the quality of life, often working as a part of multidisciplinary
teams including medical specialists. Biomedical Engineering is a relatively new area of engineering
that is growing very fast in modern times. Biomedical Engineering technicians work closely with
Doctors and other hospital staff who utilize a wide range of sophisticated electronic devices in
modern medical practice. The technicians assure safe operation of the equipments as well as
repair and maintenance of these devices. These devices range in complexity from the simple to
the very complex such as CT and MRI scanners.

The diploma will equip you with the skills to investigate, plan, design, manufacture and
maintain systems and equipments that are used in all aspects of health care. You will gain solid
training in both engineering and medical science to compete with a double advantage. This
course introduces the application of Electronic Engineering and Computer Systems in health

Future Prospects

Diploma holders in Medical Electronics are prepared for employments as Medical Electronics
Engineering Technicians, Biomedical Research Assistants, Medical Instrument Manufacturer’s
Representatives, Biomedical Equipment Technicians etc.

They find themselves working in a range of application areas, including the design or production
of a wide range of sophisticated patient monitoring, diagnostic and therapeutic medical
equipment in hospitals and other areas.